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March 28 – Jun 9


We are pleased to install Mark Schreiber’s third solo show in the gallery space.

The South African sound artist Mark Schreiber (*1970, Johannesburg) was able to record on microphone the highly renowned concrete poet, author and artist Franz Mon (*1926, Frankfurt am Main) as he produced these sounds in his Frankfurter studio in 2017.

The sound material for his composition round letters turn sounds was based on four elements: Franz Mon’s creaking chair that he occasionally also tapped, his typewriter, Mon tearing pieces of paper and finally, sounds created by modifying the previous three components. Synthesized and unchanged sounds therefore co-exist in this four-channel sound installation.

Schreiber took advantage of formal aspects of Franz Mon’s poetry anthology Lesebuch (1972) to define certain parameters in his sound composition. For example, Schreiber made lists of the first word in the top left corner of each page – bringing together the two words in the left and right pages of the open book. He used the letter counts of these words to define the pitch levels of typewriter sounds. Further, the attack sounds of the second and third letters were cut away, leaving only traces or resonances of those attacks. Besides this, he also took all the titles with the letter ‘o’ on the contents (‘Inhalt’) page and used their respective page numbers to define the duration in seconds of certain sounds.

For Schreiber, Lesebuch began to assume spatial dimensions. Seeing himself as a reader inhabiting or dwelling in these pages and their texts, he took photographs of shadows of his head on the pages and printed the images. He then cut the contours out of the shadows and placing them in the holes where once the titles were in the contents page. A photograph of this collage, which was printed on fabric, is hanging in the installation together with the four hanging speakers

Eigens für diese Ausstellung hat der südafrikanische Künstler eine Rauminstallation mit Vier-Kanal-Sound-Komposition (18 Min.) geschaffen. Dafür besuchte er den renommierten Autor Franz Mon (*1926), der zu den wichtigsten Wegbereitern der konkreten Poesie zählt, und nahm in dessen Frankfurter Atelier Geräusche auf, die der Autor (und Künstler) produziert hat. Das Soundmaterial verschränkt Mark Schreiber mit eigenen Sounds und legt der Arbeit ein Konzept zugrunde, das er aus Franz Mons “Lesebuch” von 1972 destilliert hat.

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Eine Arbeit von Franz Mon ist derzeit auch im MMK Frankfurt im Rahmen der Ausstellung “A Tale of two Worlds – Experimentelle Kunst Lateinamerikas im Dialog mit der Sammlung des MMK” zu sehen.






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